Halloween at XpressoNet; Trick or Treat!

Treat, of course! XpressoNet is feeling frightfully excited about Halloween and we are getting in to the spooky spirit of things by bringing you some scarily delicious Halloween themed treats.

Pumpkins at the ready!

At XpressoNet ours are edible and come in the form of deliciously decorated cupcakes and caffeine.

That’s right you can have your Halloween themed caffeine injection too… ever tried a disturbingly tasty, oh so creamy pumpkin spiced latte? It’s the only way to really enjoy your pumpkins at this time of year.

We have eight-legged beasts crawling across our cakes… but its Halloween so we will eat anything, right? Especially when it’s a terrifyingly good, sugar coated icing spider.

We would also like to report that our ginger bread men seem to have mysteriously lost their buttons and are now down to their bare bones, although we can happily confirm that these peculiar looking ginger bread skeletons are still as delicious as ever.

Want to treat the family to a scarily good surprise? Come and see us at XpressoNet and join in the hauntingly good humour. The children will love our strange array of delicious goodies, and we have a spooky suspicion that you will too!

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